4 May 2010

Art exhibition of Setsuko Migishi

I went to see the art exhibition of Setsuko Migishi. Her works come with a description of a free-wheeling, footloose life.

Setsuko married Kotaro Migishi who was an artistic genius. At the beginning they stimulated each other, but Setsuko was sinking because of Kotaro's strong character. He lives by instinct and is selfish. Setsuko and Kotaro lived a stormy life, so she tried to kill herself... At that time, Kotaro died sudenly. After Kotaro had gone, Setsuko decided to live as an artist. She painted pictures when she was 94 years old.This exhibition was about her life journey of mind through her artworks.
From her diary, she stuggled with herself through her art. She thought about herself. Why did she paint pictures? Did she sometimes lose herself, because of her life as an artist? For an occupation? For finding beauty through painting?For the deadline of the next exhibition ? For an art dealer?
There are a lot of arists who are struggling. Despite their difficulties ,why do they paint pictures?
From her diary, she said when she found her picture, she finished a work of art.

She died at 94 years old. Her last work was a picture of yellow coloured flowers. Yellow coloured flowers represented her husband, Kotaro.

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